HPPE’s extensive range of manufactured biopolymers can be used throughout the Agricultural industry and can improve performance across numerous business segments which include but are not limited to: 

  • wetting agents
  • water retention enhancers
  • rheology modifiers 
  • adjuvant additives 
  • dust suppressants
  • fertilizers
  • soil treatments. 

HPPE’s products can be used as intermediates in existing formulations or can be customized to provide an economic or performance advantage. 

In addition to our value add products, HPPEs collaborative approach provides customers the opportunity to jointly develop custom formulations that take advantage of our impressive line of chemistries and technical expertise.  By working together, we can identify, functionalize, and create unique products and solutions.  

We welcome the opportunity to develop a custom solution for you. To learn more or speak with a sales representative, contact HPPE today.