HPPE’s biopolymer manufacturing process uniquely combines strain and process engineering to maximize product performance for our customers. In advance of any commercialization activity, the HPPE biochemical team evaluates specific bacteria / microbes to metabolize the base polysaccharide chemical back bone polymer. The HPPE team is keenly aware of the current global biological research community and identifies new opportunities for strain identification and process improvement geared around the feedback from its customers.  

Following the selection process, HPPE focuses on capacity scale-up and derivatization in order to produce products to market acceptance. This scale-up spans from several milliliters of initiating microbes to tens of thousands of gallons of final product. This scale up is a monumental task requiring expertise in cultivation, quality control and functionalization expertise for volumes of product increasing 10-40 million times from when it is proven in the lab. This capability allows many industrial markets that due to their size could not be reliably served with advanced biopolymer chemistry. HPPE has proven itself to be skilled at biochemical reaction management throughout the various processes. One process HPPE pioneers is the functionalization of the biopolymer it grows and distills. This process places molecules, known as substituents, on the original polymer for other molecules originally on the biopolymer to impart properties sought by the market. Thus HPPE is skilled at not only growing the original biopolymer but also at adding a controlled amount of preferred molecules to the polymer backbone to achieve differentiation in the market place.