Sulfate and chloride-free biopolymer dust suppressant used in the mining industry. ClearPath™ was designed for use on haul roads, trans-loading facilities, and mineral stockpiles. The product lowers dust emissions and installation costs while reducing water consumption.

ClearPath Case Study Results

Our evidence shows that ClearPath develops efficacy within days of application.

The water-based biopolymer adheres and continues to immobilize potential air-borne material. This new chemistry has clear potential for dust management at mineral stockpiles, conveyance and trans-loading sites.

During the trial, water truck usage was decreased by 50% (allowing for the driver to assist in every day operations) thus also saving on fuel costs and labor costs.

Benefits of ClearPath:

  • visible reductions in dust generation
  • quantified dust reductions of 80%
  • greater than 50% reductions in water use

25 gal ClearPath/5,000 gal of water can treat:

  • 8-12 miles of road
  • @ $0.10/gal of water: 75% decrease in water cost
  • @ $0.01/gal of water: breakeven in water cost

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