High-performance, economical, dual function clay control and shale stabilizer engineered for highly reactive rock intervals. CM 3315 exhibits both superior swell control performance as well as inhibition and control of fines migration by both encapsulating and electronically interacting with the reservoir colloids.

Dual Function High Performance Clay Control

CM3315 is a dual function high performance clay control product that addresses BOTH FINES MIGRATION and REACTIVE SWELLING CLAYS. The product consistently outperforms the industry standard choline chloride as well as addressing the issue of fines migration that has been linked to decreased well production due to damaged permeability associated with pore throat plugging.

CM3315 is superior in that it addresses both of the critical clay control mechanisms, swelling and migration, in one synergistic product as opposed to the current industry practice of using two separate products that may not work well together or address the deficiencies of the other.

The testing indicates that fines migration characteristics with choline chloride are significant and the results imply that it should not be used without a clay stabilizer. The assumption that these two separate chemicals are dispersed proportionally appropriate through a fluid system and that they are consistently interactive should be considered when this superior alternative, CM3315, is available.

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