HPPE is pleased to announce the launch of a new addition to its core oilfield products with the introduction of HP-Lube Max. HP-Lube Max is a high-performing pipe-on-pipe lubricant for the drilling and completion industry and joins clay control, iron control and biosurfactants as the fourth product line in HPPE’s core offerings to the oilfield.


HP-LUBE MAX is a custom-engineered, easy-to-mix lubricant designed for directional drilling and reducing drag during completion and coiled tubing operations. HP-LUBE MAX is a biopolymer-based lubricant engineered for challenging conditions such as high rpm drilling, high rate of penetration (ROP), highly indurated “hard” rock drilling as well as for drilling deviated holes. 

Customer Need

A key factor controlling ROP and overall efficiency in directional drilling of unconventional reservoirs is the friction generated between metal-to-metal contact and metal-on-rock contact. This form of downhole friction is called “drag” and is a major opportunity to improve efficiency and lower operational costs for the competitive oil and gas industry. Drag is a major factor controlling the rate of penetration in horizontal drilling applications where the benefit of vertical mechanical
force is reduced. As the industry has moved away from relatively complex guar gel fluids to simplified slickwater completion fluids, the need for highperformance, cost-effective pipe-on-pipe lubricants – allowing the drill string eased advancement and placement in the well bore – has increased. Slickwater systems with low concentrations of viscous polymer still have the need for additional lubrication in these high pressure, highly saline reservoirs. Thus, the need for lubrication through-out the drill string is a major opportunity to control fluid costs and shorten drilling times. 

HPPE Solution

HPPE HP-LUBE MAX is an engineered, readily mixable, cost effective pipe-on-pipe type lubricant for directional drilling in the oilfield. HP-LUBE MAX is recommended to drillers and completion engineers when differential sticking or drag could be expected during the well completion phase or coiled tubing operations. HP-LUBE MAX is engineered as a film forming lubricant on metal pipe and indurated rock interfaces that produce frictional resistance during drilling.

  • Reduces differential sticking
  • Metal-on-metal, metal-on-rock
  • Low coefficient of friction (COF)
  • High RPM drilling
  • Biopolymer mix, environmentally preferred
  • Compatible with completion fluid chemistries