HPPE can formulate, manufacture, blend and package a variety of industrial chemicals.  Our unique approach to product development and the flexibility of our manufacturing capabilities enables HPPE to quickly and efficiently provide a solution to our client’s chemical needs.  HPPE specializes in the development process, pilot batches, and transitioning to full bulk production.  No matter where our customers are in the product life cycle, we can provide a customized solution that best meets their specific needs.

  • Specialty Surfactants

  • Cleaning Agents

  • Process Chemicals

  • Specialty Lubricants

  • Emulsifiers

  • Demulsifiers

  • Environmental Remediation

  • Green Industrial Chemical Alternatives

Concrete Additives Flocculants Scavengers Dust Control Iron Ore Pelletizing / Foundry Coatings

Cement Additives

Spectre SP

High-performing, biopolymer-based plasticizer. Spectre SP is a mid-range, high-water reducing plasticizing admixture that increases workability and strength.

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Spectre GOLD

Highly active, high-molecular weight, non-corrosive biopolymer that lowers water requirements for high-strength and fiber reinforced concrete

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WT 6900

Engineered surfactant package designed to lower surface tension in highly alkaline systems. WT 6900 improves mixing and reduces water needs in the concrete and cement industries.

HM 5500

Specialty relaxant for hot-mix or warm-mix asphalt production. HM 5500 is designed to develop flowability in heated heavy hydrocarbon fluids.

ClayBind 1000

Cationic clay biopolymer for long-term control of soil swelling and heaving in the construction industry.


Sapphire Blue 05

Low sludge staging flocculant designed for metals removal in acid mine drainage (AMD) and other severe waters resulting in lower cost, improved filtration.

Sapphire Blue 10

First-in-class sulfate bio-flocculant designed for severely acidic waters such as AMD and mineral processing waste waters.

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MudDrop SF

Bio-flocculant clarifier designed for treating a range of destabilized low solids slurries and waters with suspended particles.

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Environmentally friendly bio-flocculant designed for treating “dirty” water containing a high degree of suspended solids

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Aquapure Super

A bio-coagulant for non-recirculating water treatment as well as passive settling ponds and tanks.

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Functionalized / Targeted Flocculants

Customizable long-chain flocculants that target precise problems or flocculation needs, i.e. specific metals or solids.


A new engineered flocculant for high alkalinity, high salinity and high solids impaired waters.

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Biopolymer-based, arsenic scavenger used as a filter aid to achieve removal at very low initial concentrations (<500 ug/L).

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Biopolymer-based, selenium scavenger used as a filter aid to achieve removal at very low initial concentrations (<500 ug/L).

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Dust Control


Environmentally friendly, biopolymer-based adherent and dust suppressant designed to minimize or entirely eliminate inhalable dust present in bentonite-based pet litters.

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Sulfate and chloride-free biopolymer dust suppressant used in the mining industry.

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Environmentally friendly, water-based biopolymer dust suppressant designed for fine suspended silica generated from industrial sands during grinding, handling, mixing and packaging.

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Iron Ore Pelletizing / Foundry


Enhanced biopolymer binder designed to reduce slag and increase ore content with reactivity and tensile strength advantages.

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CKC M500 (Carboxy Methyl Casein)

Milk protein-based concentrate designed for applications requiring high-strength coating.

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