Ashoka Madduri, Ph.D.

Director, Research and Development


Jimmy Jett

EVP Sales

Charlie Landis, Ph.D.

EVP Technology Development

Bryce Parker

VP Business Development


Sanket Gandhi

Sanket founded and has led HPPE since its inception. Under his leadership, the HPPE team has created a commercial product portfolio of over 30 primary products protected by 10 patent pending applications for biopolymer based products for application in the oil and gas, metal mining and pharmaceutical industries.

Previously he has led product development and process engineering roles in various pharmaceutical companies. With his most recent role as a lead process engineer at Mannkind Corporation in Danbury, CT.

Sanket completed his graduate degree in Chemical Engineering from the Stevens Institute of Technology and his undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering from SCET, Surat India.


Ashoka Madduri, PH.D.

As the Director of R&D, Dr. Ashoka Madduri oversees all research and development of new products at HPPE. Dr. Madduri joined HPPE in 2014 as Senior Scientist, where he led the effort to develop a series of functionalized biopolymers, and has steadily assumed positions of increasing responsibility since then.

Prior to HPPE, Dr. Madduri was a post-doctoral Research Fellow at the Harvard University, where he studied the functions of cell wall lipids of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in pathogenesis. He obtained his Ph.D. in organic chemistry from University of Groningen, The Netherlands, where his research focused on total synthesis of complex natural products, and development of novel asymmetric catalytic methods.

Dr. Madduri earned his M.Sc. in Chemistry from University of Hyderabad, India, and worked in Technische Universität Dortmund, Germany, and prominent agribusiness company Syngenta AG. Dr. Madduri has a track record of several well-cited research publications, with a number of patent applications in pipeline.


Jimmy Jett

Mr. Jett is the current Executive Vice President of Sales and a Partner at High Performance Product Engineering (HPPE) where he leads sales strategy for the biopolymer chemical products produced by the company and sold in the oil and gas, mining, agriculture and other industrial markets.  Prior to joining HPPE, he was a senior sales leader at Magnablend/Univar.  Mr. Jett joined Magnablend in 2004 and led their sales diversification efforts that added over thirty new customers and contributed to 30% annualized growth in the business.  In 2010, Mr. Jett was promoted to Vice President of Sales at Magnablend where he ran the sales and customer service groups that helped grow the company from $92mm in revenue to over $500mm in revenue.  In his sales leadership role at Magnablend, he was instrumental in the sale of the business to a private equity group in 2010 and then to Univar in 2012.  Subsequent to completing the sale of Magnablend to Univar and after a brief transition period, Mr. Jett served as a consultant in the oil and gas industry with a number of private equity groups exploring oil and gas investment opportunities.

Mr. Jett enlisted in the United States Army in 2000 and was an infantry sergeant serving in Bosnia and Kosovo and also completed two tours in Iraq.  He received numerous performance commendations and awards and was honorably discharged in 2004.  Mr. Jett graduated from the University of Tulsa in 2000 with a degree in Business. 


Charlie Landis, PH.D.

Mr. Landis joined HPPE as the VP of Product Commercialization in 2015 after working for a number of months as a consultant to HPPE. Prior to joining HPPE, Mr. Landis spent the bulk of his career in a variety of leadership roles with Halliburton. From 2006 to 2014, Mr. Landis was the Technical Director of Baroid Industrial Drilling Products, a division of Halliburton Energy Services. Prior to his work at Halliburton, Charlie served in a number of roles with various companies in the oil and gas industry and water treatment industry both domestically and internationally. Mr. Landis is considered an expert in shale rock formation geology and chemical interactions.

Mr. Landis received his Ph.D. in Geochemistry from Texas Tech University  in 1990 where his dissertation focused on "Thermal Maturation, Primary Migration and Clay Diagenesis of Selected Permian Basin Shales.” Mr. Landis received his Masters in Geology from Southern Illinois University and his undergraduate degree in Geology from Susquehanna University.


Bryce Parker

Mr. Parker joined HPPE in 2015 after serving as a consultant to the business for several months. Prior to joining HPPE, Mr. Parker was the Director of Sales for Magnablend/Univar where he reported to the President and was responsible for setting sales and marketing strategies for upstream commercial groups while ensuring alignment with corporate initiatives. While at Magnablend, he was also responsible for leading and supporting multiple account leader’s efforts to maintain and grow market share in the oil and gas and agriculture industry. During his time at Magnablend, the sales teams that he ran grew revenues from $15mm to over $300mm. Bryce joined Magnablend in 2004 and rose through the sales organization serving in a variety of capacities with increasing responsibility. Prior to joining Magnablend, Bryce was a Tax Associate with Arthur Anderson.

Mr. Parker received his undergraduate degree from Texas A&M University where he received a Bachelor of Science in Bioenvironmental Science and a minor in Business.


Scott A. Schroeder, CPA, MBA

Mr. Schroeder was most recently the Chief Operating Officer for ChemRock Technologies, LLC where he drove operational excellence throughout the organization. Prior to this he was the CFO for a boutique venture capital firm, Gruener Ventures, where he provided financial, administrative, and operational support to portfolio companies. While there, he spearheaded the rapid growth of Itero Energy, Inc., the proven US market leader in the crude oil reclamation and recycling sector, before selling it to Lakewood Midstream and Energy Spectrum Capital in 2014. Previously, Scott held CFO and Vice President roles for many technology start-ups including Luminous Networks, Inc., Nanomix, Inc., and Blaze Software, Inc. which he was instrumental in taking public in 2000. He has experience managing complex equity and debt financing activities, IPO, M&A and integration activities, corporate infrastructure, finance, HR, IT functions, for domestic and international operations. Mr. Schroeder is a licensed CPA and has a MBA in Accounting and BBA in Banking & Finance from Hofstra University.