HPPE + JAM Capital Partners


JAM Capital Partners is pleased to announce a significant growth equity investment in High Performance Product Engineering (HPPE) and to have the opportunity to partner with company founder Sanket Gandhi and his team.  “We believe that Sanket and his team at HPPE are pioneers in a new industry developing green biopolymer chemical solutions that can replace traditional petroleum based chemicals,” said John McCallum, Managing Partner of JAM Capital Partners.   

As a part of our investment in HPPE, JAM Capital Partners would also like to welcome Jimmy Jett and Dr. Charlie Landis.  Jimmy led the sales team at Magnablend, a leader in oilfield specialty chemicals, prior to its $500mm sale to Univar and Charlie joins HPPE after spending much of his career as a PhD scientist and product commercialization leader at Halliburton. 

McCallum commented, “HPPE is reinventing how companies think about industrial chemicals in the oil and gas, mining and water industries and we are honored to be a part of the story and to be doing something that is good for the environment.” 

About JAM Capital Partners:

JAM Capital Partners is a private investment partnership that makes majority and minority equity investments in middle market operating companies.  We are not a traditional Private Equity Group that focuses on blind pool investing, provides little investment discretion, and imposes a ten-year fund life cycle on our partners.  In contrast, we provide our partners with transparency, discretion and control of their liquidity. We are the trusted investment partner to a select group of families, individuals and businesses in the Southeast.  Our success is measured by the quality of the relationships that we have with our partners – not by the quantity of assets that we manage.