The oil and gas industry requires engineered, environmentally conscious solutions to solve the complex problems associated with efficiently producing at the lowest cost possible. HPPE works hard to understand the unique needs of our customers and provides customized solutions to meet those needs. HPPE has applied targeted research to develop our drilling, completion and production chemical products. HPPE also specializes in developing specialized chemical solutions for our customers through a collaborative process, enabling our customers to create unique products for their internal chemical portfolios. 

Product Categories

Clay Control/Shale Stabilization Surfactants Load Recovery / Flow Enhancer Load Recovery / Flow Enhancer with Iron Control Non-Emulsifier Iron Control
Drilling Cement Additives Well Diagnostics Flocculants Scale Inhibitor

Clay Control / Shale Stabilization


Cost-effective clay control alternative specifically targeted for fines migration management in disrupted reservoirs.

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High-performance, economical, dual function clay control and shale stabilizer engineered for highly reactive rock intervals.

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A long-term, dual-purpose clay and shale stabilizer engineered for sloughing and swelling clays in both conventional and unconventional reservoirs.

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CleanSurf 92

REACH registered, non-ionic, non-emulsifying bio-surfactant designed for primary and secondary stimulation.

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CleanSurf 95

Non-ionic, non-emulsifying bio-surfactant designed for well completion and stimulation.

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Load Recovery / Flow Enhancer

CleanSurf 52

Engineered biofluid load recovery penetrant designed for complex and mature oil fields with enhanced performance for biodegraded oils.

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Load Recovery / Flow Enhancer with Iron Control


Environmentally friendly, non-ionic bio-surfactant with iron control.

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Cost-effective, chemically engineered biofluid for use as a multi-functional load recovery agent with iron control.

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NE 2500

Effective, environmentally friendly, non-ionic non-emulsifier for water based frac fluids and acid treatments.

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NE 2500W

High-performing, cost effective, non-ionic emulsion breaker for water-in-oil and oil-in-water emulsions.

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Iron Control


Powerful iron control agent consisting of an engineered, functionalized long chain biopolymer that binds to iron sulfide scale and inactivates early stage sulfide scale to prevent mass build-up.


Unique, highly effective, biopolymer iron-chelating agent designed for ferrous iron-laden formation waters.

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HP-Lube Max

A custom-engineered, easy-to-mix lubricant, HP-LUBE MAX is designed for directional drilling and reducing drag during completion and coiled tubing operations.

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Biopolymer-based, loss of circulation additive that amalgamates particulate-based lost circulation material additives (primarily calcium carbonate-based materials) to reduce drilling fluid loss in high porosity formations.

HC 1000

Hole cleaning liquid for changing surface properties during directional drilling. HC 1000 enhances solids transport by reducing pipe sticking and maintaining drilling rates.

Cement Additives

Spectre SP

High-performing, biopolymer-based plasticizer. Spectre SP is a mid-range, high-water reducing plasticizing admixture that increases workability and strength.

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WT 6900

Engineered surfactant package designed to lower surface tension in highly alkaline systems. WT 6900 improves mixing and reduces water needs in the concrete and cement industries.

Spectre GOLD

Highly active, high-molecular weight, non-corrosive biopolymer that lowers water requirements for high-strength and fiber reinforced cement.

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Well Diagnostics

Dextran-Coated Nano Magnetic Particles

Dextran-coated superparamagnetic nano particles (20-30 nm) designed for magnetic separation and well diagnostic application using electromagnetic waves.



A new engineered flocculant for high alkalinity, high salinity and high solids impaired waters.

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Scale Inhibitor

Polyhib 101

A high performance scale inhibitor for oilfield applications.

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