HPPE provides flexible manufacturing capabilities based on customer-specific requirements. Our world-class production facility is managed by a team of blending specialists and engineers with extensive expertise in specialty chemical blending and manufacturing.  HPPE has a variety of blending, reaction, and storage vessels designed to handle a variety of chemical blending and manufacturing requirements. 

Leveraging our existing volumes and extensive supply chain network ensures that the differential cost for manufacturing is kept low, reducing the need for capital expenditure in a new plant, people, and machines. If we are unable to meet your specific needs, then dedicated equipment can be installed to meet your requirements.

HPPE has the capability to take a product from lab scale through to large-scale production, and can provide product in 55 gallon drums, tote tanks, bulk liquid transports and bulk liquid rail.  HPPE also has a dedicated logistics team standing by to meet the complex transportation needs of our partners.

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