HPPE flocculation products serve three water treatment market sectors with a range of versatile flocculants and water conditioners.  Each product reflects the HPPE commitment to custom biochemical engineering tailored to a specific water treatment need. The unique capability to derivatize biopolymers enables HPPE to treat a wide range of contaminant streams found in the mining and water treatment sectors. HPPE chemists can customize a flocculant chemistry for any given contaminant stream or process within attainable manufacturing parameters. As a result, HPPE provides green solutions for metals, sulfate and hardness management in impaired waters. 

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Sapphire Blue 05

Low sludge staging flocculant designed for metals removal in acid mine drainage (AMD) and other severe waters resulting in lower cost, improved filtration.

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Sapphire Blue 10

First-in-class sulfate bio-flocculant designed for severely acidic waters such as AMD and mineral processing waste waters.

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MudDrop SF

Bio-flocculant clarifier designed for treating a range of destabilized low solids slurries and waters with suspended particles.

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Environmentally friendly bio-flocculant designed for treating “dirty” water containing a high degree of suspended solids

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Functionalized / Targeted Flocculants

Customizable long-chain flocculants that target precise problems or flocculation needs, i.e. specific metals or solids.

Aquapure Super

A bio-coagulant for non-recirculating water treatment as well as passive settling ponds and tanks.

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